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Nov 18, 2014
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Japan 'Megabanks' Post Unsteady First-Half Results
"The most sold investment trust at SMBC is European HY swapped to A$, upfront fee 3.5%. Fee businesses have to drop!"

Akane Hashimoto, Managing Director, Investment and Research

Recent News

1.APEC and G20 summits

Abe's 'three arrows' backed at G-20 summit

Japan in Depth / G-20 remarks made with eye on election

G-20 unity on global warming puts heat on Japan

G20 pledges lift Green Climate Fund towards $10 billion U.N. goal

Marginal Utility of Summit Meetings

METI Minister Miyazawa Visited China

APEC Summit in Beijing Brings Minor Thaw to Japan-China Relations


2.Policies (BOJ easing/ GPIF asset allocation)

Japan Risks Credibility By Delaying Tax Rise, Bankers Say

Japan PM Abe's expected tax delay a new headache for BOJ chief Kuroda

IMF urges Japan to impose second tax hike, welcomes BOJ easing

It May Be Too Late for Japan's PM to Fix the World's Third Largest Economy

Japan set to lift ban on casinos, paving way for James Packer resort

Japan's QE-Driven Inequality Problem Is Only Getting Worse

Macroprudential Policy and Initiatives by the Bank of Japan


3.Sales tax hike and election

Japan's economy takes a dive as Abe weighs delay of second tax hike

Abe to call snap election

Japan Through the Looking Glass

Yen drops to seven-year low vs dollar as Japan election talk picks up

Shinzo Abe on verge of calling snap general elections in Japan

Japan in Depth / Abe set 'to move tax back, poll up'

Abe to postpone tax hike, call December election: report



Japan GDP Figure Seen Likely to Disappoint

Japan Machinery Orders Rise in September

China's output slows as Japan shows signs of life

Japan Inc. Still Has Its Head in the Sand

Monthly Report of Prospects for Japan's Economy November 2014(JRI)

Monthly Survey of Professional Forecasters in Japan(JCER)



Dollar Rises Against Yen on Election Uncertainty in Japan

Why Japan Is Such a Dangerous Place to Put Your Money Right Now

Managers face massive asset swings after Japan pension fund shift

Japan-China Face Off in Asian Currency War

Foreigners likely bought record Japan shares on weekly basis on BOJ easing

Japan's Nikkei 225 Beats Broader Topix by Most This Year


6.And more

Japan 'can still be fruitful for recruitment'

Japanese Property Market Quarterly Review(NLI Research)

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