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Nov 26, 2014
byInvestment in Japan


Recent News

1.Policies (BOJ easing/ GPIF asset allocation)

(Policy Proposals / KEIDANREN)Requests concerning measures against declining number of births

BOJ Statement on Monetary Policy

Can immigration save a struggling, disappearing Japan?

Japan voters to PM Abe: why call an election now?

Japan PM seeks verdict on 'Abenomics' in snap election

Japan PM Shinzo Abe dissolves parliament for election

Taking up arms

Investment results for the second quarter of fiscal 2014?iGPIF)

Kuroda calls for wage hikes


2.Sales tax hike and election

BOJ keeps policy steady, says economy recovering despite tax hike

Delay in tax hike poses fiscal challenges

BOJ stands pat on policy, Kuroda hints at discontent over tax hike delay

Abe's big gamble on growth

We must make this an election of the people, by the people, for the people

Japan CDS at 1-yr high after tax delay raises fiscal concerns

Same race, same horse

Japan setback will not be the end of Abenomics

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Heads Into Election With Wide Lead

Japanese Recession Illustrates Link Between Indirect Tax And Corporate Strategy

DPJ election platform opposes Abe's policies, lacks numerical targets



How will Japanese recession affect U.S. recovery?

Japan Recession 2014: How A Graying Population Impacts Asian Economies

Japan's Biggest Problem Is Basically Unfixable

Why Japan And China Cannot Compete With America in Entrepreneurship

Lessons learned from Japan's failed economic policies

EU must pay heed to Japan's slide

Will Japan recession affect India?

Japan recession could slow some U.S. companies

Japan Dips into Recession as "Japan, Inc." Profits Set New Highs

Regulation and Environment: Japan's oil refinining business adjusts to new rules

Japan's recovery from Fukushima shows resilience



Draghi Fuels European Share Turnaround

Grand Central: Will Bank of Japan Need Still More Stimulus?

Yen weakness challenges other central banks

Japan investors keen on shares despite economic woes

(Research Paper) Trends in the Money Market in Japan

Japan's Finance Minister Rings Alarm Over Yen Weakness

Blackstone to Buy General Electric's Japan Property Portfolio

Japan ETFs Can Grow Some More


5.And more

How Japanese and American Societies Are Different: Learning from the Japanese and American Air Forces

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