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Dec 02, 2014
byInvestment in Japan


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Why Japan lost its tech edge to Silicon Valley

Electricity firms in Japan Solar shambles

Japan to Ask Automakers to Recall Vehicles With Faulty Takata Airbags

Mitsubishi Estate to sell Tokyo property to Mizuho for $1.35 billion

Foreign investment firms buy up prime office space in Tokyo; fears of bubble rise

Japan's Otsuka to Buy Avanir Pharmaceuticals


2.Policies (BOJ easing/ GPIF asset allocation)

Bank of Japan's Kuroda resolute in fight against deflation, says ready to ease more

Kuroda Turns Up Heat on Japan Inc.: Turn Profits Into Wages

Japan And South Korea Need To Come To Economic Terms

A framework for resolving Japan-China dispute over islands


3.Sales tax hike and election

KEIDANREN Chairman Sakakibara's Statements and Comments at His Press Conference(Postponement of consumption tax raise/Abenomics)

EDITORIAL: LDP should present road map for policy agenda

U.S. in suspense over fate of 'Abenomics'

Election campaigns to kick off

Campaigning Begins for Japan General Election Nationwide Poll to Be Held on Dec. 14



6 facts about Japan's downbeat economy

Too early to judge Japan's economic strategy, Stanford economist says

Japan's economy facing major challenges ahead of snap election

Market Insigt (Mizuho-ri)

Abe Tested by Weak Retail Sales as Japan Election Looms: Economy

Japan November final manufacturing growth eases, still suggests modest fourth-quarter rebound: PMI

Monthly Report of Prospects for Japan's Economy December 2014(JRI)



Japan's GPIF Posts 2.9% Quarterly Return as Assets Swell

GPIF assets swell to record \130.9 trillion in September

GPIF Must Buy Stocks on Abenomics Boost: Research Head

China overtakes Japan in stock market cap

UPDATE 2-Japan bond yield turns negative as BOJ purchases slash supply

Moody's Downgrades Japan's Credit Rating

MSCI to analyse ESG practice for Japanese pension fund

BOJ's Negative Yields Seen Reaching Five-Year Bond: Japan Credit


5.And more

2014 Automobile Industry Strategy Compiled

Results of JETRO's 2014 Survey on Business Conditions of Japanese-Affiliated Firms in the US and Canada

Japan profile: Tradition, innovation and 21st century challenges

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