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Dec 10, 2014
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Japan's election Abe's last chance
"Relatively positive?"

Did Japan actually lose any decades?
"Interesting analysis"


Akane Hashimoto, Managing Director, Investment and Research

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Japan's Otsuka to buy Avanir for $3.5 billion ahead of patent cliff

Worried about broader fallout, Japan moves to contain air bag crisis

Toyota widens airbag recalls after Japan scrapyard rupture

Takata And The Japanese Auto Quality Crash: What It Means

Autos made in the USA...but give thanks to Japan?

UPDATE 3-Japan's Otsuka to buy Avanir for $3.5 bln ahead of patent cliff

Citi's credit card business in Japan gets joint bid from three buyers: Nikkei

Itochu's Talks for Citic Stake Could Provide a Boost to Japan-China Ties


2.Policies (BOJ easing/ GPIF asset allocation)

Campaigning begins in Japan snap polls

Oil Rout Is Boon for Japan Stocks Easing Recession Sting

Japan elections a wild card for Nikkei

Japan Abe's coalition may keep 2/3 majority in Dec 14 election: media pol

Japan's Abe Set for Landslide Victory, Polls Suggest

Japan Election: Fresh Blood Delivers Message for LDP

Stewardship Code : 175 institutional investors have signed up to the Principles for Responsible Institutional Investors

GPIF investment shift could bring either bonanza or bust



Japan's real GDP up 1% in Oct

Japan monetary base up 37.1% on year in November to another record

Is 'Womenomics' The Answer To Japan's Economic Woes?

Japan's Economic Dilemma: Comfortable Decline or Painful Revival?

Japan's economy likely shrank less than expected in third-quarter, but still fragile

Japanese business leaders cite flat economy, overly weak yen

Japan economy shrinks more than expected, backs Abe's tax decision

(Research Paper) IMES DPS: Economics



Japan government spokesman: Don't think Moody's cut will affect financial institutions

Nomura Expands Japan Stock Broking for Big Private Orders

Trust banks' weekly net buying of Japan stocks biggest since May

A Currency War With Japan Won't Help China Reform Its Economy

Japan's CO2 Emissions Hit Record as Fossil Fuel Consumption Rises

Yen Could Spiral Out Of Control: Ex-Soros Adviser

Japan Pension Fund Head Calls for $389 Billion Stock Revamp

Yen's Plunge Risks Haven Status as Bonds Are Worst: Japan Credit

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