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Jul 27, 2016
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities


No retiree left behind: Japan turns to riskier DIY pensions

"One of the reason why our regulators are eager to developing healthy investment trust market. Discussion on GPIF is also a hot topics."



Masayoshi Son: The 'Bill Gates of Japan' who masterminded Britain's biggest tech deal

"Good read. The type of business management that is required in Japan."


Japan Looks To Fourth Industrial Revolution To Help Reach 'Impossible' GDP Target

Why SkyBridge Keeps All Its $13 Billion Out of Japan Hedge Funds

"Government waiting for? business managements to follow them while gaining time by supporting stimulus. Time is limited!"


What’s Wrong With Japan’s Economy?

"Interesting read"



Japan pension fund to try socially responsible stock picking

"Part of the efforts to build a fiduciary culture."


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