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Jun 29, 2016
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities


Japan Government Pension Fund Sues Toshiba Over Accounting Scandal

"Toshiba following VW and Seibu Railway"


World's biggest pension fund boss stays course through Brexit rout

"Good for Japan to have a long term minded boss.?"



Arora’s Walkout Returns the Focus to Japan Inc. Succession Woes

"Having said so, the background is not clear yet."



Why Japan will pay a big price for Britain’s vote to leave the E.U.

"An article that summarize FX policy related to Brexit."


Japan Yields All Drop Below 0.1% First Time in Global Bond Surge

"If there is no yield, there is going to be no reason for saving, and the whole basics of finance might need to be reviewed. Seriously!"


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