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Nov 21, 2018
byAkane Hashimoto


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Bank of Japan should analyze economy from viewpoint of sustainability: ex-governor

"Former Governor, Mr. Shirakawa, is actively reviewing his policies these days. Sign of change?"

Japan's MUFG the leading bidder for DVB's aviation finance: sources

"Substantial liquidation. Wonder whether MUFG is interested in financing or leasing."

Japan's GPIF now able to hedge against risk in various currencies: president

"Should consider how this can impact the FX rates."

Japan to probe debt market’s big secret

"Bringing in fair credit spread mechanism shall help broadning market participants."



Nissan Blows Abe’s Third Arrow Off Course

"Such an embarrasing situation. Function of boards needs to be asssessed more seriously. All investment firms should be reviewing their research focus. "

Carlos Ghosn was planning Nissan-Renault merger before arrest

Carlos Ghosn Felt Stars Deserved Big Pay. His Accusers Say He Took That Too Far.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy declares restructuring complete



Japan risks repeating some old mistakes

"Consumers would never spend when deposit rate is zero, life is extended to 100 years and pension not sufficient to support lifes."

Japan's economy has a $5 trillion problem


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