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Nov 14, 2018
byAkane Hashimoto


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Activist funds jump 50% to hit record levels in Japan

"Funds agitating for change at Japanese companies include global names such as Oasis Management, Third Point, Elliott Management and Argyle Street."


All about Toshiba

Toshiba buys back ¥120.8 billion worth of its own shares

"Toshiba paid ¥3,635, the closing price Monday, per share in off-hour trading before the market reopened.They should have had a chance to buyback at a lower price."

UK nuclear power station plans scrapped as Toshiba pulls out

"Toshiba said it would take a 18.8bn Japanese yen (£125m) hit from closing its NuGeneration subsidiary"

Toshiba to take more than $800m loss to exit US LNG business



SoftBank Targets $20 Billion IPO for Japanese Mobile Unit

AQR Capital Management to Offer Investment Solutions and Services in Japan



Financial assets at households average ¥11.51 million


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