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Oct 24, 2018
byAkane Hashimoto


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Nomura Holdings planning ¥100 billion fund with Chinese firm

"Business successions and globalizations can change the landscape of Japanese private equity market."

Ex-BOJ chief Shirakawa warns monetary policy no quick fix to Japan's woes

"What if banks apply appropriate credit spreads on lending... "

Japan’s prime minister, a Trump buddy, now tries to cozy up to China’s president


Japan’s dying shareholders signal sombre outlook for its stocks

"Wonder why the heirs need to sell stocks. Japanese stocks  provide good dividends, they would need those."

Apollo joins queue of buyout groups betting on Japan

"In Japan, deal size can be tiny or very large."


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BOJ warns Japan's bank risk-taking hits near 30-year high



Japan’s complete-aircraft goal is put back to 2020



Japan’s exports unexpectedly fell in September after natural disasters, clouding U.S.-China trade war impact


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