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Dec 16, 2014
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities

Japan in graphics
"Good for a quick review."

Japan: An Economy in Need of a Crisis?
"Fair enough report, knowing that Abenomics might be the only way to go, although risky, targeting to be a short term catalyst for long term growth. This is everyone's challenge, not limited to policies."

Akane Hashimoto, Managing Director, Investment and Research

Recent News

Electoral dysfunction leaves Japan's voters feeling impotent

The Costs of Japan's Seinfeld Election

For Japan's Shinzo Abe, Unfinished Family Business

Japan May Be In A Post-Growth Era, With Or Without Abe

AP PHOTOS: Political Campaigning, Japan-Style

Why Japanese Voters Feel Hopeless The Liberal Democratic Party and Japan's Political Sclerosis

Can Shinzo Abe put Japan 'back at the centre of the world'?

Chivalry holds Japanese women back

Could women help fix broken Japan?

Abe champions female lawmaker as women fade from parliament

Women: The invisible issue in Japan's election

In Japan, Abe's party is set for win, but economy will remain a challenge

Grudgingly, Japanese Voters Appear Set to Stick With Abe

Electoral Landslide With An Ambiguous Mand

As Japan goes to the polls, it's not just 'the economy, stupid'

Japanese PM Abe on course to win the general election

Abe will survive, but will Abenomics?

What you need to know about Japan's snap election

Abenomics in firing line as Japan prepares to vote

Japan elections set to boost Abe's power

Japan elections: Abe to be re-elected in spite of Abenomics

Japan's weak opposition makes Abe default choice

Ten things Japanese people are worrying about before the snap election

Why Abe wants an election

Japan election: Voters back Shinzo Abe as PM wins new term

PM Abe's Coalition Cruises To Big Win In Japan's Election, Amid Low Turnout

Japan Abe Faces Battle on Reforms Despite Vote Win

Japan's Abe wins mandate in downbeat election

Abe's coalition secures big Japan election win with record low turnout

For Japan's Shinzo Abe, Now Comes the Hard Part

Abe's ruling coalition captures two-thirds majority in Lower House election

Abe's snap election pays off with big win for LDP

Abe seals the deal

Japan's ruling coalition wins big in elections

Abe coalition secures big Japan election win with record low turnout

Japan's snap election result Romping home Shinzo Abe wins easily, but with a weak mandate from voters

Three reasons why the Japanese elections matter to the United States

Abe Wins Again In Japan -- Will It Make Any Difference?

Growth Abe's priority under new mandate

Abe's limited window of opportunity to fix Japan

Abe should look abroad for help to revive Japan's economy

What does Abe's landslide victory mean for Japan?

Japan's Abe gets the mandate he wanted - but not the recovery he wanted

Modi congratulates Abe in Japanese on re-election

Commentary: Right-wing ideology, long-term liability

Japan's Abe faces battle on reforms despite win

Unseated Japan opposition leader steps down

Only 45 women among 475 lawmakers in Japanese parliament


2.Policies (BOJ easing/ GPIF asset allocation)
Letter from ICGN to the FSA Regarding Japan's Corporate Governance Code

Japan Votes On Casinos But Doesn't Know It

Tankan (Dec. 2014 Survey)

BOJ survey shows Japan business mood fragile, highlights Abe's challenges

Japan considering 2.5 pct corporate tax cut from fiscal 2015-media

Abe vows to make economy his top priority


Keidanren Chairman Sakakibara's Statements and Comments at His Press Conference (December 8, 2014) * Economic Situation

Japan needs foreign workers, but will they come?

Japan's Economy Suffers Misguided Pundits, Not Export Competition And Low Birthrates

Japan needs a real debate about the falling yen

Optimism Waning at Japan Inc.

Global Watch:November 2014 "Japanese Economy" (murc)

As economy slides, Japan waits for good times

Commercial Times: Japan, Greece offer example for Taiwan

Why Australia stands to win from Abenomics

Japan business mood fragile, underlines Abe's challenges


Three Winning Arguments for Japan

Japan bears bet on Abe victory followed by yen disaster

UPDATE 1-Fitch expects to downgrade Japan after next fiscal year's budget

Abe Poll Win Would Give Adrenalin Shot to Japan Real Estate


UPDATE 2-SMBC nears deal to buy Citi's Japan retail businesses-sources

RBS Said to Exit Bond Trading in Japan as Firm Cuts 200 Jobs

Suffering a media free-for-all, Japanese press now has the government weighing in

How KFC Became A Part Of Japan's Christmas Traditions

RBS Puts Coutts International Up For Sale, Exits Japan Bond Trading Business

Panasonic "Smart Town" In Japan Centered Around Solar Energy & Storage

Japan's inbound tourism growth boosts retailers, railroad operators

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