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Jan 07, 2015
byInvestment in Japan


Policies and business activities related to Japan investment opportunities


Abenomics Enters Show-Me Phase As Japan Struggles With Growth


"Well summarized article."


Mind the generation gap: PM Lee


"Did you know Singapore was the world No. 2 aging country?"



Kissinger: Japan must be thoughtful in a new world


"An article that should be read together with "Top Risks 2015" provided by Eurasia Group."


?Japan’s Aging Population Woes Worsen with New Record Low Birth-Rate in 2014

Numbers tell tale of Japan’s postwar rise and fall

Impact of Japan's shrinking population 'already palpable'

Government seeks more foreign nursing care workers


"Policy so called "Regional revitalization " is actually based on this feature. Cetralized support system and infrastructure is required across the country."



Akane Hashimoto, Managing Director, Investment and Research

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